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Roister Marketing becomes part of a Nordic marketing group

Adelis Equity Partners has acquired 100% of the shares in Roister Marketing and its subsidiaries. Part of the transaction was executed through an exchange of shares. Adelis is one of the leading private equity firms focusing on medium-sized Nordic companies. Founded in 2012, the firm manages approximately one billion euros in capital. 

Roister's clients will not be affected by the change. Roister will continue as an independent company, forming part of a Nordic marketing group employing 300 people. In the future, the company will take advantage of the opportunity to cooperate with partner companies in the Nordic region. 

The acquisition will provide more capacity to handle even more demanding projects, says Janne Mäenpää, founder and Head of Strategy of Roister.

"We want to continue to grow and serve our clients even more comprehensively in today's digital and global market. It was important to us that Adelis had a similar vision of change, shared growth goals, excellent investment history and partner companies in the Nordic countries," Mäenpää says. 



We want to continue to grow and serve our clients even more comprehensively in today's digital and global market. 
- Janne Mäenpää, Head of Strategy, Roister 

Roister has been one of the fastest growing strategic digital marketing communications firms in Finland, with a turnover of EUR 6.2 million in 2018. This growth is expected to continue, with an operating profit forecast of EUR 1.1 - 1.2 million for 2019.  

Growing and developing resources

Mäenpää and seven other Roister shareholders will continue as minority shareholders in the Nordic marketing group. The news has been welcomed by the staff. 

"In the future, we will be able to make even better use of the potential of data and digitalisation in the creation of brand experiences and, of course, in the overall development of demand and marketing across different marketing environments," says Heli Kärkkäinen, Lead Strategist at Roister. 

Sonja Popoff, Lead Digital Designer at Roister, also sees change as a key enabler for growth. 

"This is a boost for our ambitious development projects. In the future, we will be able to offer even more diverse opportunities for digitalising business and customer acquisition," says Popoff. 

Lead Digital Strategist Samu Metso, head of the Roister Media team, believes that the change will bring about new, extensive expertise. 

"We will have access to more resources and in-depth expertise in e-commerce marketing and marketing channels," Metso says. 

Aiming to be one of the largest players in the Nordic field of digital marketing

Adelis was convinced not only by the company's strong performance, but also Roister's highly skilled staff, management, and unique strategy, says Jacob Frandsen of Adelis' investment team. 

"Roister has an impressive track record of creating business-oriented marketing strategies for big clients and projects in the digital marketplace. We strongly believe in accelerating this growth potential under one roof," Frandsen says. 

In January 2018, Adelis invested in Søgemedier, one of Denmark's largest digital marketing agencies. In Finland, Adelis has also acquired MarkkinointiAkatemia, which will complement Roister's expertise and service offering. 

"I am impressed with Roister's staff, strategic know-how, and their unique sense of togetherness. Roister has a strong track record and excellent results from projects in which client companies' marketing environments have been comprehensively digitalised. I believe that this will play a significant role in achieving our common growth goal," says Mikko Pulkkila, CEO of MarkkinointiAkatemia. 

The companies will remain independent while making use of each other's strengths. Their aim is to eventually become the largest player in the digital marketing field of Finland and the Nordics. 

The acquisition does not affect Roister's staff. The company's offices in Helsinki, Lappeenranta, and Joensuu will continue to operate normally. 


More information:

Janne Mäenpää, Roister Marketing

janne.maenpaa@roister.fi, 0400 270 242